• She began her concert career at age five, and was performing sonatas of her own composition on national radio affiliates at age ten.
  • In recent years, numerous composers around the world have written pieces for her to premiere, both as a concert pianist and as a vocal soloist.
  • She has been the subject of one-hour specials/interviews on BBC, PBS and NPR affiliates, Hong Kong Radio &TV, Ukranian National Radio&TV, Brazilian national TV channels, RAI, and many other networks.
  • She is an award-winning recording artist who has also been a music television host/presenter, collaborating with major artists of other styles and music genres on international networks.
  • She is a sought-after performance coach, competition judge, choral conductor, and artist-teacher.
  • She is known for her “charismatic personality”, “warm and natural stage presence” and “unbelievable smile”…..
  • And for much of the past sixteen years she has, apart from only the more occasional solo piano or vocal appearances, been working nonstop on projects to help sustain struggling musicians/music cultures. She has been devoting her energies to encourage the gifts, performance opportunities, and spirits of all musicians, through Listen for Life, a global movement that she founded in London in 1998, which now includes artists and volunteers in over 55 countries.

Donna Stoering was born a musician and she has never stopped being an “incomprehensibly talented musician” (2012 Carnegie Hall review) while working tirelessly to inspire and benefit other musicians, and music itself. Now she is returning to the world stage fulltime, and delivering her “message” (about the power and importance of music) herself, through her favorite medium of communication: performance! And 2015 is a very special anniversary year for Donna as a musician – find out why!


“Our phones have been ringing off the wall since your live radio performance (Rachmaninov Piano Sonata No1) and feature interview. When are you coming back?”

– Hong Kong Radio & Television

“Her piano recital and master classes here made a huge impression….and showed that she has a true musician’s heart!”

Stavanger Aftenblad , Norway

“What a glorious and soul-reaching voice! …moved to tears….we look forward to hearing her again!”  

Split, Croatia music critic

“She played brilliantly in an effortless manner; a most sensitive artist”

– London Daily Telegraph

“With her colorful playing and her versatile musicianship, pianist Donna Stoering was the ideal accompanist…….”

Dutch opera critic Niels Swinkels, reviewing 2014 concert with Russian opera stars Mikhail Svetlov (Bolshoi and Met) and Andrey Nemzer (Met Opera winner and an Operalia winner)

”…this was a performance to treasure, reminiscent of great performances by Solomon and Ashkenazy.”

-Oxford Mail, England

“…ravishing intensity…”

-Berchlesgadener Anringer (Germany

“……the incomprehensibly talented musician, Donna Stoering…..”

from a NY magazine interview and review of a 2012 Carnegie Hall performance
(to read the entire article and review, click here)