“As an artist, Donna Stoering has inspired so many audiences around the world with her unequaled and personal performances. Her ability to reach people also goes far beyond music. A brilliant speaker, her words are equally moving. Donna shares penetrating insights on a wide range of topics from music to business to personal lifestyle changes – but she also raises awareness of how each of us can act now to restore the important music traditions which are disappearing at an alarming rate around the world. She is a true ambassador of culture.”
– Ron Tamura, a former Gen Mgr.& head of Intnl Marketing, Apple

“It was a super evening – You are such a glorious ball of fire!”
– Katrina Burnett, Founder/Director of Finchcocks Series and Presentations, in UK

“Our phones have been ringing off the wall since your radio appearance and interview. When can you come back?”
– Hong Kong Radio and Television Producer, Hong Kong

“Your personality, presentation and ideas were the hit of our entire 3-day conference – you had the place buzzing!”
– EdNet (educational publishing & products) conference, Boston

“Your presentation and speaking touched us beyond words, because it came from your entire being and through your heart”
– Social Services Fundraising Event, Hawaii

“Your CEO presentation to 1200 technology innovators was refreshing, stimulating, and unlike anything we have ever had. Thank you for your inspiration!”
– Director, International Technology Entrepreneur Conference in Oxford UK

“Thanks for the inspiration, Donna Stoering – music really is a great communications channel.  After (hearing your presentation) I turned on classical music for the kids’ carpool and observed them start talking to one another about it.  I also turned off the TV while making dinner, turned on some piano music and enjoyed connecting with my husband and daughter.” – attendee at Donna’s September 2014 TEDx presentation about music as a life-changing tool

“Your presentation, accomplishments and charisma made you easily the best speaker and panelist at the 3-day event”
– AEP convention, Washington DC

“This was the most inspiring evening of my entire life. I have no words to explain it. You communicated so much more than (just) the content – you shared your joy, and connected to the hearts of each person in the audience.”
– Director of Natl. Fallen Firefighters Foundation fundraising event in Baltimore, Md.

“Thank you so much for bringing your inspirational story and unique social-venture hybrid model to our Social Entrepreneur Conference in Brazil! Your energy and passion are so inspiring!”
– Director of a Sao Paulo intnl entrepreneur event in Brazil

“Donna Stoering is truly the most visionary spirit I know…..active as a world renowned musician, entrepreneur, speaker, composer, producer, educator, spiritual motivator, and retreat leader, she uses all of her gifts only to serve. Selling home, stocks, car, and possessions to fund her global non-profit activities, she shows that you can ‘have it all’, by giving it all away!”
– Dortha Kuhlman, President, DMK Event Planners, USA

“Donna’s talk on our Arts and Culture lecture series (broadcast live on Minnesota’s NPR affiliate station) was so thought-provoking, unique, and enthusiastically received that we took the initiative to print the transcripts into a small book, which has now had three or four printings and run out of copies every time. We so very much look forward to her coming back again!”
– Host venue director, College of St Benedict/St John’s University in Minnesota

– Event planners in Russia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Panama, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Latvia, Austria, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, UK, USA…