1 - Event/Concert Production

Donna was first invited to produce school plays and write/direct musicals, when she was 11 onwards. A local sponsor and playwright then encouraged her to create a young performance troupe that produced public staged community musicals in which Donna directed, choreographed, sang, accompanied, wrote the script and the songs, and helped design the costumes. And she has been producing/directing ever since:

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2 - TV/Video/Audio/Online Content Production

Donna is equally excited about content-production activities. She first appeared on television and radio broadcasts as a child, and developed an interest in both sides of the mic or camera. Eventually she was asked to design, host and present television/interview programs about music on a number of international television networks, which led to being offered her own channels of content on the new digital platforms. As Founder and Artistic Director of the global music-media movement, Listen for Life, she has thus far helped conceive, direct and produce over 400 hours of proprietary video and audio content featuring the master musicians of many genres, cultures and traditions. That content is licensed to the BBC and other networks, as well as to education brands and online partners. The specific programs, educational products or productions made from that content have won Donna and Listen for Life several major awards.

3 - Designing/Producing outreach projects to meet specific needs in communities worldwide

A third type of production involves designing and producing the Outreach Projects and In-School programs of the Listen for Life organization. Individuals or communities in a specific situation frequently approach Donna and ask if she can bring in some Listen for Life volunteers and create an outreach project using music to address that particular issue or cause. Two sample requests/situations: bringing together the youth of the seven principal warring tribes after the post-election violence in Kenya, and devising an in-school experience for students, parents and teachers that could reduce violence, bullying and cross-cultural aggression in the school hallways of some neighborhoods.

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To hear about Donna’s motivation for doing any of these Production activities amidst her hectic schedule: Click here

To view an example of award-winning educational video content that Donna has designed/produced, see www.travelswithmusic.com (Winner of a 2014 Telly Award and a 2014 Tech&Learning award!)

View a video clip from a live “justGO!” multicultural “taster” concert that Donna has created/produced in London, Oxford, San Francisco, and other cities:

Or view a promo video of a live LFL production that Donna created for U.N. International Peace Day

To learn more about two of the outreach projects that Donna has designed/produced, which are now carried on through Listen for Life volunteers, visit these pages of the Listen for Life website: