Internationally-renowned keynote speaker, Artistic Ambassador, educator, concert artist, television presenter and award-winning social entrepreneur Donna Stoering has a unique story, a compelling vision, and a powerful message – and she delivers that message with a charisma and personal warmth that make her a very popular presenter for a tremendously wide variety of audiences and venues.

A concert pianist since age five, Donna jokes that she has been “speaking through music” her entire life. Repeatedly hailed as ” a natural-born educator” by audience members and industry professionals alike, she has in fact been speaking in public and on TV/radio interviews nationwide since age 10,

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While traveling worldwide as an Artistic Ambassador for both the UK and USA, she has given countless speeches and presentations

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Donna was named a 2013 Woman of Legacy by the global organization Powerful Women International, and her speech at that event led to further speaking invitations.

Meanwhile, as an award-winning social entrepreneur, media producer, educational innovator, and musician, she is frequently asked to speak to peace-building organizations, U.N. affiliates, business/music schools, social change summits, international studies and interdisciplinary programs at universities, digital media summits, and corporate philanthropy and sponsorship events.

Donna is also rapidly becoming a sought-after TEDx presenter, and she has previously been the subject of one-hour specials on BBC Radio, several NPR and PBS affiliates, Hong Kong Radio&Television, Brazilian national television, and other networks.

One of Donna’s personal goals is to spread awareness of music’s tremendous power to impact change, whether personal or societal, and she has developed unique presentations to deliver that message, worldwide.

Thus far her more than 1000 speaking appearances and presentations, on a wide variety of topics, have taken her to conferences, events, universities and venues throughout the USA, UK, Europe,

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Donna has spoken to audiences of several million on live broadcasts, and to audiences of 50 in special seminars, classes, or retreats.

Regardless of the size of venue or audience, the reviews or testimonials are consistently phenomenal, whether from Apple, HP and broadcast industry executives, or from students, arts/lecture series attendees, and educators.

Ms Stoering is very eager to serve the needs of individual communities and audiences throughout the globe by giving presentations on a wide variety of topics to audiences of all sizes and budget allocations, because she believes that sharing her unique story, experience, vision and message can truly make a difference in others’ lives.