Donna has been a prolific writer from a very early age, and in a variety of styles/ formats. She has been published as a poet, journalist, lyricist, music critic/concert reviewer, researcher, travel writer/diarist, blogger, and more.

The plan is to make several of her “White Papers” available soon online. Many of the concert reviews she has written for national and international music journals have been shared in a shortened form as blog posts on the Listen for Life blog ( in the past, and future reviews will be added to Donna’s personal blog on this website. Meanwhile, the following title is now available as either a downloaded e-book or a small paperback (physical copy) book :

“Composer-creator to Performer to Audience: a Plea for Intentional Listening” by Donna Stoering

This is a transcript of a live lecture-recital given by Donna at a university series, following a questionnaire she had devised for 30 major (living) composers about their perceptions of the relationship between the intentions of the composer/creator of the music, the listeners hearing/receiving the work, and the performers acting as “mediums” or intermediaries between the two. The resulting lecture-recital and radio broadcast proved so popular that the university created this booklet of the transcripts, but after it ran out of four reprintings, Donna’s non-profit organization Listen for Life took over the distribution.

(Physical booklet is 31 pages, 5×7) @$7 US, to cover printing, postage and handling. E-book @$3 US All sales proceeds benefit Listen for Life projects so can also be ordered electronically through PayPal on the Listen for Life website at or contact Donna and her team directly if you prefer.

Interested in sharing your story with others, and being a part of Donna’s upcoming book?

Donna explains: “In my travels I have met so many people who have told me that when they changed the music they were listening to, their lives changed as well. There is nothing magical about this – neuroscientists can show how our brains, moods, blood pressure, mental agility, memory, emotions, cultural attitudes and resulting behaviors are all directly impacted by the lyrics, rhythms and harmonies of the music that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. So, I started collecting these personal stories and am compiling them into a book so that others can be moved, inspired, and motivated to think about their own experience with music listening. For example, I have learned of at least one domestic violence situation that was greatly changed when the court-ordered counselor insisted on simply changing out the songs in the perpetrator’s iPod (for more of the story, and why this worked, you’ll have to read the book!) …and in another instance, a mother shared with me that when she followed my advice and changed the music station in her car while bringing her kids and their friends to school each morning, their conversations completely changed and they started discussing the music!

Do YOU have a story to share, or know of someone close to you where a particular song, piece, or listening experience had a life-changing impact, or helped you study a particular subject with more focus, or maybe touched your faith journey or opened your heart to hear an apology or started a special relationship or convinced you to change careers? Music is capable of all of these inspirations in our lives even without any lyrics attached – that is its power. I have been taking way too long to get this book out and hopefully help people, and publishers are getting antsy, so please help me to fill it with more inspiring stories! “