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PRODUCER activities

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View a short clip of highlights from a major cross-cultural live production that Donna has designed and produced for Listen for Life artists in numerous locations:

Separate from her Listen for Life activities, Donna has also produced a variety of new concert series and music festivals of Western classical music, chamber music, blues, ethnic/traditional music, and other genres, on three different continents and in the major cities and concert venues of the globe.

To view samples of her work as a media (TV, video) content producer, director and creator, please go to the Listen for Life channel on YouTube

Donna’s goal in making all of these video and television programs is to interview and share deserving artists from the classical music of all cultures, traditions and countries.

She has also, thus far, gathered over 300 more hours of proprietary video content featuring artists of all ages, from many different genres of music – Western classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, international folk, and more.

She has interviewed some inspiring young musical prodigies as well. But none of this content can be shared with the world until Donna’s music foundation,, gathers enough individual donations and corporate sponsors to cover the professional post-production costs to edit this archived content into programs and video clips that can be broadcast on their channels and shared with music listeners around the world.

“Your Sound Collectors productions are the Cirque du Soleil of Music!!”

Former Executive Producer of Disney International

“With your fabulous artists and quality-production music videos, the world at last has a compelling alternative to MTV”

Andy Orgel, a founder of MTV, A&E Channel, The Wisdom Channel, and Nickelodeon