On being a Producer

Donna’s entire life has involved three different types of production:

  • Event/Concert Production
  • TV/Video/Audio/Online Content Production
  • Designing & Producing outreach projects to meet specific needs in communities worldwide
  • To learn more about Donna’s specific activities in each of those areas, click here

How can one best serve as a catalyst while in the role of producer? Donna says:

“I have been fortunate to be able to design and initiate a number of specific projects around the world, involving teams of wonderful volunteers. With each project, we document the entire process, the need or issue in that particular location which inspired that particular project, and all of the steps taken throughout the process by the local team members and their reasons for each one. This then creates a template for that particular activity – whether it be an outreach project, a new live production, a new music festival or concert series, a television/video series featuring specific musicians, a sound-healing workshop, a music-in-schools awareness initiative, a peace-building summit, or whatever.

I only want to be the catalyst for future projects and ideas, so I am eager to share our resulting templates and advice with ANY musician or volunteer anywhere on the planet who discovers a need or inspiration for that same project, so that they do not have to reinvent the wheel!

I believe that all of these “production” types of activity are effective ways to raise awareness of music’s powerful impact in our lives, cause others to think about projects they might like to begin in their own communities, and build a network of inspired musicians who can in turn inspire the next generations.

It’s not about what we’ve done, it’s about sharing why it matters!”