On being a Founder:

Donna has founded new music festivals and concert series on three continents. She has also founded new choirs and orchestras, new chamber groups, and new organizations. In the Spring of 1998 in London UK, she founded Listen for Life (www.listenforlife.org) which has thus far impacted the lives of over 10 million individuals in more than 55 countries, through its projects, programs, productions and educational products. Donna has won several awards and accolades for the innovative self-sustaining structure that she conceived for the global entity at a time before hybrid social ventures were even named as such. She has been invited to speak at international technology summits for the innovative production and interactive broadcasting ideas that were pioneered by Listen for Life Productions from its earliest days.

In these intervening years, Listen for Life has had offices, affiliate production partners and/or volunteer teams based in a wide range of locations, from Rome to Geneva to Kenya to Russia to Dallas to Asia – now the global headquarters is in California USA. Travels with Music, a recent LFL educational product originally designed by Donna and then created by a large LFL team, has won a 2014 Telly Award and a national 2014 Tech & Learning award. And Donna has been honored as well, for the countless hours and personal resources she has devoted to the LFL projects helping deserving musicians worldwide.

**View television news coverage from an event where Donna was named a 2013 Woman of Legacy by the global organization Powerful Women International, for her work in the founding of Listen for Life.

**View the original LFL introductory video created in the first years

**View a Brazilian TV special about Donna and her vision for LFL and its message, filmed in the early years of LFL developments

Donna’s own words about her goal in founding Listen for Life:

“There are so many wonderful musicians alive today, working in all music genres, traditions and cultures. I founded Listen for Life with the hope that it would help them by sharing their music, but also that its projects would inspire them to take up the mission themselves as well, and inspire others. I founded Listen for Life as a global movement, and a message – not as a “boring organization” or a legal entity. It has, over the past 16-17 years of its existence, become also a family of music listeners (that should include just about everyone, right?) and music performers, educators, and producers, all working together on projects and programs that make a difference through music. But my hope is that Listen for Life can also be a catalyst – that there will someday be independent, very vocal, and very productive Listen for Life members, whether individuals or chapters (called “bands”, maybe, or “Choruses”?) in every single town, village and community around the world, all spreading the message that Music Matters and it is a powerful source of healing, nourishment, emotional expression, conflict resolution, prayer, and cross-cultural communication – for all!

“Dearest Donna: Your Listen for Life…. is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the heart. Thank you for being a conduit for transformation and elevation of the human spirit. We need this now more than ever. You are to music what Mother Teresa of Calcutta was to the poor, sick, orphaned and dying………..”

-Michelle Anton, Former Producer of Oprah and business/social media consultant