On being an Author:

Donna has gradually learned that written communication – whether in blogs, social media, white papers, e-books or hard cover books – is a mandatory activity for one who strives to be a catalyst. And fortunately, she has always been a writer. For more information on her books available for purchase, click here. But regarding the activity of “writing as a catalyst”, Donna shares:

“My own particular challenge is learning that, where the written word is concerned, ‘less is more’. I am a reader, so most comfortable with words, and am not as used to ‘saying it with pictures’ or with video blogs. At least, not yet – I need volunteers to assist and encourage me! (Anyone available, out there?Contact Me. )

To be a catalyst, I strive to spark the imagination, physical energy and commitment of others, and inspire them to either join our teams or to create their own path for sharing their gifts. So, to reach those around the globe who, like me, respond best to the written word, then it is an important opportunity – or perhaps even a duty – to be the best (does that mean ‘most succinct’ ? Someday…) writer and author that one can!”