On being a Catalyst:

Oxford Dictionary’s definition: “a person or thing that precipitates an event”.

In Donna’s own words

“I seem to be one of those people who gets an idea a minute, but bringing each of those ideas to fruition (so that they can fully accomplish their intended purpose of helping people), is not necessarily my strong suit. In fact – it’s definitely not my strong suit, and it’s not even possible, given the travel schedule of a speaker, producer, or concert performer.

 SO – my hope and joy is in the traveling, performing, speaking and writing, always with the intention of sharing my sometimes “out there” ideas, and then meeting the young, energetic students, social entrepreneurs, or musicians and music-listening volunteers (of all ages) who might feel inspired by these ideas and projects that have been started in specific locations, and now WANT to replicate them, in their own communities, either by using our templates or developing their own ideas and projects. I guess, for me, making the effort of being a catalyst involves trying to dedicate time and resources as proactively as possible in the activities of founder, producer, author, or retreat leader – while making sure that any or all of those activities are still connected to being a speaker, educator and concert performer.“

Read a New York City press interview with Donna about becoming a catalyst and social entrepreneur.


On being a:


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Retreat Leader

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